I Wear Real or Nothing...

Wear real brands, not fake copies!

I Wear Real Dolce & Gabbana - Ana Veronica Schultz


I wear real brands or nothing

I Wear Real is a public campaign to support designers in their effort to make the consumers choose real, genuine and original items.

In today's world we see counterfeit and fake designer items everywhere we look. Brands are being exploited to the extreme and not much is being done to stop the producers or re-sellers of these designer copies. The best way to stop this is to change the consumers' desire to purchase these fake items.

Help us make it unpopular to wear fake or counterfeit designer items and let´s hit the illegal producers where it hurts by not buying their fake and often very bad quality items.

Models, Stylists, and Make-up Artists

I Wear Real is casting for industry professionals interested in joining the campaign and in creating fashion editorials in the I Wear Real theme.

If you're are up for the challenge to create fashion editorials for the I Wear Real theme we would love to hear from you whether you are a model, a stylist or a Hair/MUA.

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